Trumpet & Organ

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Traditional/arr. Burkhart

The First Noel



Bb Trumpet (or Flugelhorn) and Organ version of the intimate arrangement for trumpet ensemble which was played for many years by the Disneyland Fanfare Trumpeters. 

Bb Trumpet (or Flugelhorn) and Organ

Difficulty: Easy +

Duration: 3:00



In Dulci Jubilo Variations



IN DULCI JUBILO VARIATIONS is based on the medieval Christmas carol, “In Dulci Jubilo.” The Latin title translates as, “in sweet rejoicing.” Popular in Germany since the Middle Ages, a 19th-century translation into English, with the title, “Good Christian Men, Rejoice,” resulted in even broader appeal. 

I wrote it on a whim on December 5, 2017, between the hours of 10am and 6pm and premiered it three nights later with organist David Wolfe.

Trumpet (both Bb and C parts provided) and Organ

Difficulty: Medium +

Duration: 5:00

John Stanley/arr. Burkhart

Trumpet Voluntary

(Andante Largo)



Please select key:

John Stanley’s Trumpet Voluntary is one of the finest and most interesting works from the English Baroque. 

Choice of concert key:

  • Key of Bb, suitable for Bb Trumpet
  • Key of D, suitable for C Trumpet or Piccolo Trumpet in A

C Trumpet and Organ

Difficulty: Medium +

Duration: 5:30


Wedding March



Wedding March combines traditional and popular musical elements into a joyous and uplifting “song without words.” Its length is easily adaptable to accommodate large or small wedding parties. Lovely and appropriate for non-wedding events, too, like recitals and concerts. Just use the alternate title, “Song Without Words.”

Bb Trumpet and Organ

Difficulty: Medium –

Duration: variable