Three Trumpets & Organ

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Fanfare Processional

For the Choir of St. George's Chapel, Windsor



Fanfare Processional was composed in 1986 for use as grand processional at a Los Angeles performance of the Choir of St. George’s Chapel, Windsor.

It has since become an international  favorite for concerts, recitals, weddings, and festive church occasions. 

3 Bb Trumpets and Organ

Trumpets 1 and 2 double on piccolo trumpet in A. Trumpet 3 doubles on D trumpet.

Difficulty: Advanced

Duration: 4:50

“Fanfare Processional immediately sets the mood for a festive occasion. Displaying first-rate craftsmanship in the organ writing as well as in the three trumpet parts, Raymond Burkhart has provided a composition that is a thrill to perform and an inspiration to hear. When music of our time is needed to gather the throngs of people together, present this work and let the celebration begin!”

Ladd Thomas, Professor of Organ, University of Southern California

“I have had the pleasure of playing Fanfare Processional on many occasions. The piece is fun to play and is always well received. Besides being a fine composer, Mr. Burkhart is an excellent trumpet player, and he uses his knowledge of the instrument to great advantage. This piece would be a great addition to any program, be it a recital, church service, or wedding.”

William Bing, Author of The Bing Book for trumpet

“Fanfare Processional was composed for the U.S. West Coast premiere performance of the Choir of St. George’s Chapel, Windsor at the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles. The combination of brilliance and dignity in the music fit the occasion perfectly. After the concert, the conductor and members of the choir commented that they had never appreciated a processional more than this one. Indeed, the striking ceremonial quality of Mr. Burkhart’s music, the beauty of the choir’s vestments, and the cathedral-like architecture of First Church combined to inaugurate an unforgettable evening of wonderful music.”

Thomas Somerville, Professor Emeritus of Music, Occidental College

“Fanfare Processional is an exciting composition. It is both challenging and fun to perform. I recommend it highly!”

David Washburn, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra





A stirring concert fanfare for any big point in a concert or event. 

Rejoice! is not a Christmas work, but since it works for almost any ‘big’ occasion, it certainly works well at Christmas. 

3 Bb Trumpets and Organ

Difficulty: Medium +

Duration: 4:00

Coming soon!