The Venezia Challenge

The “Venezia Challenge” is an initiative to raise funds to support freelance German musicians who are newly unemployed due to the worldwide health crisis. It was started by trombonist Julia Nagel of Sinfonia Leipzig.  She writes: “The show must go on! By cancelling all public events, freelance musicians, who are mostly already living on the edge, are thrown into a threatening existential situation. Income from concerts has ended, but rent, insurance, and so on keep going.” Nagel selected the name of the initiative in part out of sympathy for Italy, which was hit so hard, and so early, by the crisis.

At this point, the Venezia Challenge is propelling itself through Facebook (#veneziachallenge). Musicians are encouraged to download, record, and post the song “Venezia,” by American composer Raymond David Burkhart, then nominate others to join in and do the same. Download the music free here.  Parts are available for treble clef, bass clef, piano accompaniment, and piano/vocal.

Anyone can support the project financially with donations to the German Orchestra Foundation’s Emergency Aid Fund. A complete description of the fund and an application form will be found on their site. Donations can be made through the following account connection:

German Orchestra Foundation
Password: Emergency Fund
IBAN: DE35 1004 0000 0114 1514 05

The composer is pleased to have been asked to contribute his music for the project. Support for the composer may be sent by PayPal to