Ten Brass & Organ

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A stirring concert fanfare for any big point in a concert or event. 

Rejoice! was performed in the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s Big Brassy Extravaganza in 2014. Shorter versions were used in advance to promote that concert. A recording of that performance was used to promote the 2014 Dallas Symphony Brassy Christmas concert.

Rejoice! is not a Christmas work, but since it works for almost any ‘big’ occasion, it certainly works well at Christmas. If shorter versions are desired, use the related specially prepared shorter versions (#1199).

Four Bb Trumpets (4th Trumpet doubles on Piccolo Trumpet), 2 Horns in F (can be doubled to good effect), 2 Trombones, Bass Trombone, Tuba, and Organ.

Difficulty: Medium +

Duration: 3:00