Orchestra & Soloists

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Traditional/arr. Burkhart

The Coventry Carol

Soprano & Orchestra


FREE! email ray@raymondburkhart.com

Professional edition for soprano solo and orchestra. Haunting. Impassioned. A favorite!

Soprano solo

*2*222 – 4331 – t+2 – hp – str

Percussion needed:
Side Drum, Suspended Cymbal, Mark Tree, Chimes.

Difficulty: Medium

Duration: 4:20


Double Concerto

for Flutist, Trumpeter, and Orchestra



Email ray@raymondburkhart.com

Composed in 1990 for Malcolm and Stephanie McNab. Each movement features a different pair of instruments: I – alto flute and C (Eb) trumpet; II – flute and flugelhorn; III – piccolo and piccolo trumpet. Commissioned by Malcolm McNab.

Email ray@raymondburkhart.com for more info.

Solo Flutist: Alto Flute, Flute, Piccolo

Solo Trumpeter: Trumpet in C (Trumpet in Eb), Flugelhorn, Piccolo Trumpet in A

2*222 – 4331 – t+3 – str

Percussion needed:
Snare Drum, Mark Tree, Bass Drum, Glockenspiel, Chimes, Cymbals, Suspended Cymbal.

Difficulty: Advanced +

Total Duration: 16:00

I. Introduction and Festival: 7:30

II. Pas de Deux: 4:30

III. Jig: 3:30