Horn & Narrator

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 The Seven Angels



The Seven Angels was commissioned in 1999 by Glendale Presbyterian Church, Rev. Darrell W. Johnson, Senior Pastor and Jannette Carothers, Minister of Music. The text is from the book of Revelation in the Bible, wherein St. John describes his vision of the seven angels which sound their trumpets in the presence of God. The complete text may be found in Rev. 1 and 8-11 and may be used in place of the excerpts used in this publication, if so desired.

Horn in F and Narrator

Difficulty: Advanced –

Duration: 6:00

Horn only; movements 1 and 2 only.

Sibelius mp3

Brunswick, GA USA
March 11, 2001


Many months ago, I should’ve written to you commending you on your narrative entitled, THE SEVEN ANGELS.

As a church trumpeter who rarely strays from that venue except for a rare fill-in gig with the Jacksonville (FL) Symphony, I am constantly on the look-out for new and novel music that can be utilized within the church.

THE SEVEN ANGELS not only fits the bill but, in a unique way, exceeds all expectation. It is challenging – although modest in range, as a soloist you are technically naked in front of your audience without the aid of an accompanist or orchestra – and the results are quite powerful among an audience yearning for a more vivid and colorful explanation of what is occurring in these passages from the Book of Revelation.

I’ve had the privilege of performing THE SEVEN ANGELS four times now and look forward to even more performances. Your construction of the trumpet calls for each of the seven angels is absolutely superb! Modest in their construction, they are both challenging and lend themselves to subtle changes.
Should the opportunity arise wherein you can compose more music along a religious theme for trumpet, please do not hesitate. It is very obvious you have a gift for this!

Although there is little compensation for pieces like the SEVEN ANGELS (I’m sure the royalties ar trickling in by the pennies), the joy of knowing that in time it will become a staple of all trumpeters who love the religious venue should be a great reward in itself. Thank you again for putting together such a terrific narrative.

Robert Callahan

Hi Mr. Burkhart,

I just wanted to thank you for writing your piece for trumpet and narrator…. I performed “The Seven Angels” outdoors this past weekend at a poetry reading here in St. Louis. The words and trumpet calls certainly left an impression on the group. It was very evident that everyone really enjoyed it. A few people hummed or whistled the last few bars during the intermission following the performance…. In short, your piece was a hit

Charles Hokayem