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Raymond David Burkhart
Raymond David Burkhart
First published in 2016
First published in 2016
For more information, and to purchase, click HERE.
For more information, and to purchase, click HERE.
This study of brass chamber music in lyceum and chautauqua fills a lacuna in brass history. It explores the forgotten phenomenon of the many chamber brass ensembles that entertained millions of Americans from coast to coast from 1877 to 1939 and presents histories of sixty-one ensembles that performed music for brass trio, brass quartet, brass quintet, and brass sextet for lyceum and chautauqua audiences. The author also writes about the large repertoire of music for small brass ensembles that he discovered was published in America from 1875 through the 1920s. This First American Chamber Brass School is discussed in one of five overviews of the principal eras in brass chamber music history that form the most comprehensive history of brass chamber music written in fifty years. 

Twenty-one original compositions for brass quintet by Raymond David Burkhart. -- Includes the award-winning Love Letters and Bouquet de Brass, plus Come Unto Me, Easter Fanfare on “Llanfair,” Five Sea Shanties, Isle of Colours, Italian Postcards, Lonely Moon, Lullaby, Mishap, Oration, Psalm 23, Ricordi d’Italia, The Second Star, Sophie’s Waltz, Toot, Tournament Fanfare, Watercolor Menagerie, Wedding March, The Y2K Bug Blues, and for the first time in over thirty years, Ray's early work, Quintet for Brass.

About 8.5" x 11". Full score, 154 pages. Part books, 80 pages.
6" x 9", 346 pages. Full score available in hardcover, perfectbound paperback, or coil binding.
Available in hardcover and paperback. Part books available in coil binding only (Trumpet 1, Trumpet 2, Horn in F, Trombone, and Tuba).

“Your book is on my desk, and I consult it periodically. It is a very thorough
piece of work.”
– Dr. Edward H. Tarr
"I'm so impressed with your compositions -- they are absolutely first rate." -- Dr. Carolyn Sanders, Professor of Music, The University of Alabama, Huntsville
“A major contribution to the literature on ensemble music for brass
instruments. One of the most important dissertations to emanate from CGU
in recent decades.”
– Dr. Robert Zappulla, Music Department Chair,
Claremont Graduate University
"Your pieces are wonderful. The more we practice, the more we like them." -- Bernd von Hösslin, Ensemble Windcraft, Germany
“Sanctus bovinus! This book is a must-have for all amateurs and pros in the
brass chamber music biz. Here are history, insight, and photos of our
American chamber brass predecessors.”
– Dr. Gil Cline, Professor of Music,
Humboldt State University
"Ray's works are perennial favorites. He knows his audience and can write. Ray's pieces are anything but academic. They live." -- Greg Goodnight, California